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Benefit of Good DayCare in Thane.

Recently Bhakti & Vipul wished that they could be stay-at-home parents, at least part of the time to take care of their children. In fact, Bhakti had come very close to decide to quit her job and take the leap, but she changed her mind after she found a good day care in Thane.  They, like every other parent, wanted good care and guidance for their child and at the same time were bound by family responsibilities to continue working; something which most young families go through. After some research and consultation with other parents she found that contrary to popular belief, a good daycare is a great option for working parents as there are many benefits of placing their child in daycare.
Firstly the child is well taken care of by experienced and caring staff which is the main concern of parents. They understand, guide and help children in their various activities while teaching them new skills that make them more independent.  Children also benefit from the organized activities that encourage participation and interaction with other children. Such activities also result in the development of social skills, language skills and gross and fine motor development. Completing the tasks and activities also provide the children with a sense of achievement that boosts their confidence and self-esteem which is essential for growing children. The mind opens up to new possibilities and grasping power improves.
Bhakti observed that children who attended good day care centers in Thane were a little more aware of their surroundings and themselves and confident in their approach as compared to children raised singly without much interaction with peers.  
For most families, it is a difficult choice to make, but one must also consider the great developmental benefits that the child will get at a  good day care in Thane.  An ideal day care would have good security systems in place with highly trained staff and faculty who can nurture children’s  growing skills accordingly. Hence it is essential to find the right day care that has all the facilities and the right mix of activities, such as singing, dancing, puppet time,  homework cafe, karate, Zumba, crafts, drama, arts, language, and numeracy programs and others.
With the number of nuclear families going up in urban areas, the need for a robust support system to cater to child care needs has gone up in the last few years. Untrustworthy and uneducated nannies, limited support from family and awareness of early education among parents has led to the rise in the number of quality day care centers in Thane.  Rainbow Preschool daycare is focused on the overall growth of the children by providing sufficient encouragement to each child with age appropriate activities planned throughout the day.
Children at the day care are said to be more mature, free and also have a mental edge over other kids of the same age. In case you have a high-quality day care like Rainbow Preschool near your home, and you need to get back to work, it is recommended that you begin by sending your children for a few hours each day to the day care. You may increase the number of hours gradually.  Parents need not feel guilty by sending their child away from home because, in the long run, you will understand how your child has benefited from holistic early education.”
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